2015 m. lapkričio 6 d., penktadienis


Do you believe in law of attraction? If not, just try to act like it exists. Feed your body with good quality foods you like, be in a places you love to be, create, express yourself in all the ways you want and can, be as good as you want to be with others, and yourself especially.

Be honest to yourself. Love yourself. Take care of your soul and body. And then just look around - you sure that nobody changed?

I can guarantee you'll be the best your own version and you will attract everything you want. Situations, people, conversations, even little gifts from universe - maybe sunny day, maybe postcard with words you need to know.

Everything's in our own head, everything around us is just projection of our minds. You can become whenever you want. If you can win against only one barrier Fear - a parasite -, you can do anything.
That's why the ones who are in love in life/person/activity/x lives a wonderful life. With a splash of glitter, haha.

We are flawless creators of life so just enjoy it.